Friday, September 26, 2008

The New John McCain

He's old! He's pretty cranky! His left eye is doing weird things!

But this week he's reinventing himself as...the nosy neighbor?

Yeah, in order to divert media attention from the scandalous behavior of his campaign manager, Rick "Gimme the Money, Bitch! (Slap-slap-slap!)" Davis and his plummetingly unpopular VP pick, Sarah "I Kill Mooses!" Palin, John McCain proclaimed he was suspended his campaign (but he didn't), cancelling his teevee interviews (but he didn't) and jumping on the next plane to Washington (but he didn't).

Why? So that - eventually, when he finally got to Washington, about a day after he said he was going there - he could sit creepily in the corner at a meeting with Bush, Obama, a bunch of Congressional dweebs and that Frankensteinian experiment Paulson until it came time to butt-in and mess everything up.

Good job, John. By the way, besides keeping the press off your back, did this stunt have anything to do with the fact that you didn't bother to prepare for tonight's debate?

And if this isn't enough to have you rolling in the aisles, I give you this. Honestly, even I felt a little dirty, a little like I'd died inside, after reading it. Probably because I couldn't stop laughing. (Thanks to Dr. N for this link. He's like Dr. No, but doesn't have a vowel after the N.)

BTW, which actress was your favorite Gladys Kravitz? I think mine was Color Gladys, Sandra Gould. Probably because she was on the show longer than original B&W Gladys Alice Pearce. Who died in 1966. Sorry, Alice. I have very strong opinions about situation comedies. I welcome all and any responses and comments on this and any Bewitched-related subject matter. But not about anything else.

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